Islamic Relief


Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 16K

Start Date: 2011-07-23

End Date: 2011-10-15


Team Members

Syed Muhammad Sardar Ali
(Assignment Manager)

(Assignment Coordinator)
Naseem Shareen
(Qualitative Researcher)
Riasat Zaman
(Master Trainer)
Dr. Irfan Khan
(Team Leader)
Salma Khursheed
(Master Trainer)


Project Description

Islamic Relief Pakistan (IRP) in line with its global efforts to alleviate absolute poverty launched its Microfinance Program in 2001.  The program was aimed at supporting widows and guardians of orphan and poor people by providing small financings through Islamic modes.  IRP is currently implementing a project name Small Scale Business which is jointly funded by Scottish Government and Islamic Relief UK.  Under this project IRP will deliver campaigns, workshops and sessions on climate and environmental change to the poor living in the slums of Rawalpindi.   At lest 28,000 individuals have understanding on issues related to climate change and its effects on their livelihood activities.  Positive impacts will be achieved through awareness sessions on ‘Climate Change’ for the trainees.

Services provided by APEX

The services provided by the firms included the conduct of KAP survey on environmental issues and organized awareness building workshops.  About 360 household beneficiary questionnaires were completed, 06 FGDs were conducted during the KAP survey and 21 awareness building workshops were organized to train 575 beneficiaries in three urban slum areas of Rawalpindi.  The firm reviewed project documents, designed research instruments, mobilized and trained enumerators and supervisors with experience in the qualitative sector.  Results were compiled using CSPro and cleaned data set was presented to the client.  A final evaluation report, with findings of qualitative and quantitative research, was compiled as the final deliverable to the client