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Apricot Commercial Potential Study for GB


Short summary of Project
SDC commissioned a study to document the commercial potential of apricot and it’s by-products in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) to attract private sector investments. The Government of GB and the Swiss Business Council collaborated on the project. The study was commissioned to attract and engage private sector on a win-win basis to capitalize on an exiting natural resources, providing employment conditions for the local people and at the same time generating profits.  The Consultants analyzed domestic and international apricot production and trade data, conducted a situation analysis of the apricot producing communities of GB and documented the use of apricot in the domestic subsistence economy.  The Consultants mapped the existing value chain of dried apricots, conducted value chain analysis of fresh apricots, identified derivative products of apricot and highlighted commercial investment opportunities in each sector.  Commercial potential of fresh apricots and its derivative products such as dried apricots, apricot pulp and juice, apricot kernel and apricot kernel oil was explored.  The Consultants also identified the roles of the federal government agencies, GB government, international donor agencies, regional and local NGOs and domestic and international commercial enterprises in the development of apricot based industry in GB.



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