APEX trails a meticulous set of rules to ensure the quality of its research projects throughout all phases of the project lifecycle. The major focus is upon study, design, data collection, analysis, and reporting both in quantitative as well as qualitative research.

During our project lifecycle stages, we ensure that each research objective is addressed in all the processes and embed and quality assurance at all points and times. The purpose of the research is to inform action and knowledge generated by research is the first step towards effective policies, result-oriented management, and sustainable development. APEX team can help you make informed decisions based upon evidence, analysis, and insight.

Over the years APEX has amassed a rich resource pool of subject specialists, technical experts, and industry practitioners who can lead a research effort from the inception phase to final analysis, including the translation of results into actionable recommendations. These experts are assisted at every stage by our nationwide network of field enumerators, statisticians, and data analysts.

With its full spectrum research capabilities, the APEX team can help you choose the right course of action to maximize the chances of success and value for money.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Policy Research
  • Public Finance Analysis
  • Regional Security Briefs
  • Social Policy Papers
  • Climate Change Studies
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Marketing Research
  • Industry Reports
  • Financial Modeling
  • Formative Research
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Mystery Shopping