Agha Khan Foundation (Pakistan)


Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 38.6

Start Date: 2013-02-07

End Date: 2013-04-15


Team Members

(Assignment Manager)
Dr. Mozzam Khalil
(Report Writer)
Zahid Jamal Tareen
Ghulam Dastgeer
(Field Manager)
Dr. Aurang Zeib
(Team Leader)
Abida Aziz
(Assignment Coordinator)

Project Description

MCCS is a three-year project designed to improve the health of women of reproductive age and children under five years of age in marginalized rural areas of Mali, Mozambique, and Pakistan. The program seeks to strengthen the health system, engage communities in addressing poor maternal health, and improve nutrition and infant/child feeding practices. AKFP and AKHSP are seeking an experienced consultant to implement the baseline study in Gilgit-Baltistan with support and guidance from the Canadian study coordinator to collect baseline measurements on key performance indicators identified in the project performance measurement framework (PMF), entry and analysis and set up a monitoring system and database to provide routine project monitoring in Pakistan.

Services provided by APEX

The services provided by the APEX included:

  1. Review of existing health data at a district/regional level, including government HMIS results, Demographic and Health Survey results, and any other relevant studies or surveys.
  2. Health facility surveys and document reviews.
  3. Health worker surveys (facility-and community-based health workers)
  4. Community surveys, including household and maternal clients, and members of community health committees.

The firm mobilized and trained 15 field researchers and 05 supervisors. Data from 700 households were collected and field teams used quantitative and qualitative tools to collect information about related indicators. Data entered in CSPro, results were compiled in SPSS, and analysis carried out through the triangulation technique. Key findings and recommendations were provided in reports and presentations.