Save the Children


Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 38K

Start Date: 2011-03-14

End Date: 2011-04-30


Team Members

(Assignment Manager)
Naseem Shareen
(Qualitative Researcher)
Abid Iqbal
(Field Manager, Sindh)
Dr. Moazzam Khalil
(Team Leader)
Amir Raziq Shah
(Field Manager, KPK)
Yasir Majeed
(Assignment Coordinator)

Project Description

In response to the unprecedented floods in Pakistan in 2010, six iNGO's (Save the Children, Oxfam GB, IRC, CARE, Acted, and ACF) formed an alliance in order to maximize effectiveness in their response to the flooding. These iNGO's submitted six proposals to ECHO as a package that was viewed as a collective with shared results areas. The expected deliverables of the project included:

  1. Targeted households receive sufficient food
  2. Households receive enough support to preserve asset base
  3. Best practices in a cash-for-work program are documented.

At the end of the six months of project intervention, a final evaluation was conducted.

Services provided by APEX

The services provided by the firm included the conduct of the final qualitative and quantitative project evaluation. About 900 household beneficiary questionnaires were completed, 20 FGD's were conducted and in-depth interviews were conducted with the six iNGO's staff. The evaluation covered three provinces and six districts. The firm reviewed project documents, designed research instruments, mobilized and trained enumerators, and supervisors with experience in the livelihood sector, results were compiled using CSPro, and cleaned data set was presented to the client. A final evaluation report, with the triangulated findings of the qualitative and quantitative research, was compiled as the final deliverable to the client. A final presentation was also made to the consortium of six iNGO's at a retreat.