Rural Support Program Network (RSPN)


Shikarpur & Kandhkot

Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: Priority Urgent

Start Date: 2010-06-01

End Date: 2010-09-15


Team Members

Project Description

The Rural Support Programmes Network is a network of ten Rural Support Network (RSPs), collectively the largest group of civil society organizations working with 2.7 million rural households in 105 districts in Pakistan. The Sindh Rural Support Organization is one of the members of RSPN was established in July 2003 in five districts of Sindh with an aim to improve the livelihoods and the living standards of the rural poor people. The main objective of this survey was twofold i.e. to access the representative socio-economic characteristics and to set a benchmark for assessing the impact of the UCBPRP interventions on the standard of living of the participants.

Services provided by APEX

The services provided by the APEX included refinement of the instruments to establish a baseline to measure the future impact of the project. Our firm mobilized and trained 16 enumerators and field supervisors including female researchers with experience in socio-economic research. Four teams were deployed in both districts to collect household information about the demographic composition of the household, educational status, health status, household income, and expenditures, food consumption, household assets, housing facilities, and mobilization of households at the village level. Data from 36 sampled villages was collected and 1224 questionnaires were administered. Results have compiled using CSPro and analysis was done using SPSS. Two separate baseline reports were prepared separately for Kandhkot and  Shikarpur districts.