Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 81.4K

Start Date: 2013-03-01

End Date: 2013-04-14


Team Members

Zulfiqar ul Mulk
(Qualitative Expert)
Hammad Rehman
(Assignment Coordinator)
Sajid Siddique
(Team Leader)
Munir Ahmad
(Quantitative Expert)

Project Description

UNWFP is one of the largest humanitarian agencies providing relief food assistance to people in the worst affected districts. After the relied phase, UNWFP supported the affected people in the rehabilitation of their livelihood and restoring the critical infrastructure and assets. This enabled a large number of targeted communities to meet their food needs and helped them augmenting their livelihoods. UNWFP also supported the communities in the implementation of disaster risk reduction activities in order to offset the effects if any future disasters. UNWFP now intended to conduct "Evaluation of WFP Pakistan Floods Early Recovery Livelihood and Disaster Risk Reduction Activities through Cash for Work and Food for Work".

Services provided by APEX

The services provided by the firm included: a desk review of existing literature, development of both quantitative and qualitative data collection tools, analysis, and report writing. APEX mobilized and trained 52 field researchers and 26 supervisors. Data from 3052 households and 205 FGD's were collected for related indicators. Data was conducted to assess WFP's contribution in terms of cash and/or food basket, to assess restoration in livelihoods of people, to determine efficacy and effectiveness of food and cash, to assess the appropriateness of key interventions, to calculate the impact in terms of food security, the involvement of the community in needs assessment, to prepare 20 quality case studies, to determine the sustainability of the assets created at households and community level. Data entered in CSPro, results were compiled using SPSS and analysis carried out through the triangulation technique. Key findings and recommendations were provided in reports and presentations.