Riz Consulting (WHO, EOC, B&MGF)



Region: South Asia

Country: Pakistan

Value: USD 1,767,713

Start Date: 2020-01-01

End Date: 2020-06-30


Team Members

Hammad Rehman
(Quality Advisor)
Ayaz Khan
(Lead Trainer)
Dr. Zeeshan
(National Field Manager)
Waheed Akhtar
(Project Manager)
Bilal Ahmad
(Internal Monitoring Manager)
Syed Azeem Haider
(Finance Manager)
Khizer Abbas
(Logistic Manager)

Project Description

Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) is a rapid survey method that assesses evidence of campaign quality following Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIA) in pre-defined areas (known as "Lots"), using a small sample size. LQAS survey identifies lots with insufficient evidence of high vaccination coverage based on the results of a sample of 60 children located in 06 randomly selected clusters (settlements, villages, zones, areas, etc). To be considered as vaccinated, a child will have to show the vaccination mark on the little finger of his/her left hand or anywhere else on the body (earlobes, righthand, forehead, and toe). Only children aged 0 to 59 months will be sampled.

LQAS third-party surveyors will be hired and trained by an independent firm and continue to follow agreed-upon protocols of maintaining their independence.

Services provided by APEX

The global polio eradication initiative is going through a critical juncture and progress over the next year largely depends upon conducting high-quality campaigns that will reach every child with multiple doses of OPV. The quality of campaigns can be accessed by the use of a statistically rigorous sampling methodology that will ensure results are reliable and representative.

APEX Consulting Pakistan (APEX) has conducted LQAS in 700 and 600 lots in phases 09 and 10 respectively. The main activities for this assignment were to collect, compile data, polio vaccination, refusals of household, reasons for refusals, mark on a finger, visit of teams, the existence of floppy paralyzes, etc. APEX conducted pieces of training at 35 venues/locations across Pakistan in NID/SNID.